Shifting time stamps on photos

Using the great program exiftool you can easily shift the time stamps if your camera’s date and time were off when you took them. I have a Sony NEX-3N, so there are some tags specific to this camera, but in general you can run code like the following, which will shift the timestamps of all files in the current directory back two hours:

exiftool -alldates-=2 -IFD1:ModifyDate-=2 -SonyDateTime-=2 .

After you run this, you can also use the following code to rename and set the file access times to those contained in the actual EXIF data of the images (lifted from here). You might have to run this with both ‘*.JPG’ and ‘*.ARW’ in the appropriate places if you have both JPEG+RAW files:

find -name '*.JPG' | while read PIC; do
    DATE=$(exiftool -p '$DateTimeOriginal' $PIC |
    sed 's/[: ]//g')
    touch -t $(echo $DATE | sed 's/\(..$\)/\.\1/') $PIC
    mv -i $PIC $(dirname $PIC)/$DATE.JPG

Note: you can also use a tool like GPicSync to add GPS data to the photos

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Default qt font in Ubuntu 13.04

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Create new app launcher in gnome-shell 3.8

This used to be something that was super-easy using the alacarte menu editor, but unfortunately in their quest for ultimate simplicity, the GNOME designers also like to strip out genuinely useful functionality. Read more…

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Compiling VMware Player Kernel Modules

VMware does not seem to play nice with Ubuntu 13.04 and its 3.8 linux kernel… Read more…

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Detach modal dialogs in GNOME Shell 3.8

For some reason, the Gnome designers think that everyone wants to have popup windows attached to the window they came from (i.e. when you save a pdf in Chrome, or something similar). This becomes pretty frustrating when you want to see things in the window underneath the dialog. I always forget how to fix this, so I’m posting how here. Read more…

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Add backspace functionality to Nautilus

For some reason, the backspace key does not go back to the last folder in Nautilus (even though this works in just about every other program). Here’s how to add it back. Read more…

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ThinkPad Trackpoint Sensitivity (Ubuntu 13.04)

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04, and found an interesting quirk. For some reason, my old method of changing the trackpoint sensitivity using a udev rule (which worked in 12.04) does not work in 13.04. Here’s how I hacked it together for 13.04.  Read more…

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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Starting in September of this year, I will be continuing my research studies as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I was awarded the fellowship back in March, and the department of Materials Science and Engineering has published a news story highlighting the fellowship and my research. Check it out: Read more…

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Adobe Illustrator for Scientists

I’ve been trying to learn how to make better scientific diagrams and posters, and I stumbled upon this resource that I wanted to share. Read more…

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New site!

I have moved my website from its original spot on UMD’s servers to my own host.

Read more…

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