Accessing UMD Researchport From Off-Campus

How to create a bookmarklet that will automatically log in to journal websites from off-campus.

Just a quick post here during my qualifier prep. When accessing journals from off-campus, UMD students can login through ResearchPort in order to get authorization to view the journals. It’s relatively easy to do this with a “bookmarklet” which is just a little bit of javascript code that will fill in the correct URL for you.

Just click and drag the link below to your bookmark folder (or toolbar), and then click on it when on a relevant journal or article website. Enter your UMD credentials like normal, and it will forward you back to the original site through the researchport proxy, meaning you should have access just as if your were on campus. This is really useful when doing quick journal searches through Google Scholar or something, but is also a handy way to login to Web of Knowledge and sites like that.

It may not work perfectly in all situations, but it should at least get you close, and then you can manually tweak the URL if necessary.

UMD ResearchPort Bookmarklet

If you’re wondering, here’s what the javascript code looks like:

var x=''+location.href;
) ();
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