Default Qt Font in Ubuntu 13.04

Fixing a nuisance from Ubuntu’s default settings…

I had a strange font problem when I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04 that I just recently figured out. For some reason, all of my Qt-based applications had a bold and italicized font, giving these programs a fantastically ugly appearance. Here’s an example with Mathematica:

Mathematica showing font problem

It turns out the issue is with my default font settings in qt4, which for some reason default to the ugly bold, italicized Ubuntu font. I fixed this by running


and changing to the font tab. There you can set your preferred font and size for Qt applications:

qtconfig-qt4 font settings

After changing this to my preferred (Sans serif, normal) font, everything looks normal:

Everything back to normal

Joshua Taillon
Materials Data Scientist

A materials research scientist at NIST interested in scientific data curation, AI for materials research, and baking bread.

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