Hello Hugo!

Saying hello from the new Hugo-powered site…

After a little bit of downtime, my personal site is back up. I’ve transitioned away from Wordpress, which was slow, insecure, and more expensive to host, to Hugo, a markdown-based static site generator. Writing content and updating the site is as easy as making a new markdown file and running a git push.

The theme for the site is based off of the Academic theme by George Cushen, with a number of stylistic tweaks. He has a great post here explaining the benefits of using Hugo to build a website that I highly recommend checking out.

In the early days, static sites were the only option, and now they seem to be back en vogue, so enjoy!

Joshua Taillon
Materials Data Scientist

A materials research scientist at NIST interested in scientific data curation, AI for materials research, and baking bread.

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