The Next Step

Moving on from my NIST postdoc…

After two years spent in my NRC postdoc position at NIST, I have accepted a permanent position within the Office of Data and Informatics (still within MML). This will be a transition from a purely research-based role into a service-based one that will involve working with the world-class research staff at NIST and beyond. Our goal is to provide support and guidance to optimize the discoverability, usability, and interoperability of the data produced in the course of research.

My role specifically will be as a Materials Research domain expert, facilitating the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategies to materials data. I am extremely excited to be continuing on at NIST, and especially look forward to building collaborations with researchers throughout the organization, finding ways to uncover new knowledge and improve scientific reproducibility through the intelligent use of data.

Joshua Taillon
Materials Data Scientist

A materials research scientist at NIST interested in scientific data curation, AI for materials research, and baking bread.

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